40watt: Pretty nice designs


I create icons, interface themes and other artwork for desktop software and touchscreen applications.

I also design user interfaces themselves and plan user interaction. I can offer thoughtful usability review of your software and highlight areas for improvement.

GSD-Sonet interface and icons

GSD-Sonet interface

GSD-Sonet is a Flash-based system for remote-controlling a building’s infrastructure: heating, power, security systems and so on. The interface is designed to run in a kiosk-style fullscreen browser window. To reduce eyestrain and power consumption it has been trained to look good in black.

Programmable Logic Controller Security Camera Wireless Router
Network Switch Single-Board Computer

These scalable vector illustrations were designed for use both as icons and in printed documentation. Because I lack 3D modelling skills, each was created (rather laboriously) by hand.

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Windows XP cursors

Standard cursor: triangle with red bubble Working cursor: hourglass Resize cursor: diagonal arrows Help cursor: question-mark Unavailable cursor: crossed circle

A set of full-color cursors made for Windows 2000/XP in 2002. I copied the OS X bubble motif that was in vogue at the time. You can download the cursor set, if you like.

RVM toolbar icons

Transaction icon: shaking hands Deposits icon: piggybank Tender icon: cash-register Schedule icon: clock and calendar Hold icon: clutching hand
System icon: computer Edit icon: hand writing with a pen Folder icon: open folder Repair icon: hammer and wrench Print icon: printer

These toolbar icons were commissioned in 2001 for RVM Station Manager. This style of icon design is now terribly unfashionable of course, but I still have a place in my heart for pixel-painting.