40watt: Pretty nice designs

Game graphics

I create graphics for games: textures and skins, sprite animation, interfaces and concept art.

Seamless Textures

Cobblestones Flagstones Mossy rock wall
Lichen-covered stone blocks Stone trim Fluted stone column
Rough-hewn stone with alcoves Ivy-covered brick with windows Cracked plaster windows
Mossy rock-face Patchy grass Weathered planks
Riveted metal pipe Metal railing support Red brick wall with windows

I originally made textures for Thief series fan-projects, but have since migrated to hi-res textures (up to 2048×2048) suitable for more modern games. They are built from photos I’ve taken around the lovely Finnish city of Turku, painstakingly handcrafted into seamless textures using a secret Haitian family recipe.

These texture collections are available to purchase for commercial use: see my texture website for details.

Eastward Ho game artwork

A Lemmings-style puzzle game set in the Age of Steam, developed for Symbian mobile phones with RunRabbit Games. I was co-designer and sole artist.

Due to lack of funding the game doesn’t look like it will ever see release, but here are some samples:

In-game screenshots

Nevada desert screenshot California grassland screenshot Tutorial level screenshot

Menu artwork

RunRabbit logo screen Title screen Main menu
Train strip for main menu

Sprite animations

(Click on a sprite to start or stop the animation.)

Worker hammering Worker digging Surveyor scratching
Engineer 'demolishing'
Train rotating Train chugging westward Train chugging northward Train chugging eastward Train chugging southward
Coal truck rotating Coal truck bouncing horizontally Coal truck bouncing vertically

Character designs

Ebediah Toole Julius Pennyworth Sylvester McPhee Abraham Lincoln

Thief interface artwork

Dusk Skyline

This dusk cityscape was painted on a whim and later adapted as sky artwork for a Thief II mission. It wraps horizontally.

Map of the Inigo A Guide to Wooing a Lady
Power Station map Rodamill civic map

These are pieces of interface art for Thief custom missions. The aim was to create an antiquated, hand-drawn but precise look. They use blank maps and book art from the original game as a base.

Thievery UT artwork

Portrait of a guard Atris, character concept art Blank book interface texture

These are a few pieces of interface and concept artwork commissioned many moons ago for the Thievery Unreal Tournament mod.